Important Guest Information – Covid-19

Many aspects of life have changed due to Covid-19, and holidays will also be a bit different; we want to explain what we are doing to keep you, our guests safe, along with the cleaning staff, and what changes we have had to make to ensure we can do this.

We have carried out Risk Assessments for all the properties individually, and will be following the Enhanced Cleaning Protocols published by PASC (the Professional Association of Self-Caterers). The content is based on guidance from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), WHO (World Health Organisation), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), and Centres for Disease Control (CDC), NIH (National Institutes of Health), NHS (National Health Service). Our cleaning staff will be following these protocols and using a checklist system to ensure the changeover is carried out to the required level. They will also be using antiviral disinfectant tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697.

You are welcome to view these risk assessments and the cleaning checklist, just get in touch. They will be accessible via the website soon.

In order to carry out these enhanced cleaning regimes and to ensure that any maintenance can be addressed while a property is empty, our staff require more time, so we are asking guests to depart by 9am, and arrival will be after 5pm. We completely understand that guests want to get settled in to their holiday accommodation as early as possible, but safety has got to come first, so we ask you to respect these times. If a property is ready earlier than 5pm, we will ring you to let you know.

There will also be changes inside your accommodation; the guidance requires us to remove frequently touched items that cannot be sanitised, so you may notice there are fewer ornaments, no throws on sofas or beds, no dvd’s or children’s games. The Visitors Book and tourist leaflets will be moving online, and we will keep a page on our website updated so you follow links to information on local attractions, restaurants, etc. We also have to reduce the amount of crockery, dishes, etc in the kitchen cupboards…….our cleaning staff will be putting every kitchen item through the dishwasher or handwashing at a high temperature, so you can be assured it is clean.

During your stay it is important that you remember to put your rubbish out for collection as detailed in the house information, and that prior to departure, you empty the fridge and cupboards and either take the food home or bag it up and put it in the bin.

At the end of your stay, we are asking guests to strip the beds and put all bedlinen, towels, t-towels and bathmats in the laundry bag provided.

We all need to do our bit to stay safe; we will provide anti-bacterial hand wash at each sink, so please use it just as you would at home, and wash your hands frequently, particularly when you arrive back at the property.

Most importantly, if you feel unwell or think you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 prior to your stay, ring and tell us. If you develop symptoms during your stay, again ring and tell us. You will be required to travel back to your home address immediately, so we are able isolate the property, then deep clean it.

This is a steep learning curve for us all, adapting to the ‘new normal’. I am as always available at any time if you have any questions, queries or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to ring.....I am sure we can help, in a safe and timely manner.

Planning your holiday

We recommend that guests spend some time before their holiday planning ahead; the following checklist may be useful -

1) Food, etc It may be worth booking a supermarket delivery slot to your accommodation, or bringing more supplies with you. The local shops are happy to take orders over the phone, so you can quickly collect your order – we have put links to local businesses, restaurants, etc on a web page to help you plan. Many of the village pubs and restaurants are offering food to takeaway, so there is no reason you can't still enjoy the great local food! We have been advised that no unsealed food items can be left in a property, so please remember store cupboard staples like salt, pepper and oil, and some tea, coffee and milk for a cuppa when you arrive. We will provide laundered t-towels and oven-gloves, a j-cloth and initial supply of loo roll straight from the packaging, new bottles of washing-up liquid and liquid hand-wash at each sink. Please bring any cleaning products you prefer using to keep the property clean during your stay.

2) Attractions and Gardens. Most places, like Heligan and Eden, are using a pre-booking system. Book ahead! Cornwall has hundreds of beaches, miles of coast paths, woodland, moorland and rivers – do some research, avoid the busiest places and discover the hidden Cornwall.

3) Entertainment. We have to remove items like childrens games, packs of cards, dvd's, etc. from properties, so bring anything you need with you. We are leaving some books; they are not frequent touch items and guests can choose whether they wish to read them or not.

4) Arrival and departure times. As arrival will be later than in previous years, please plan your journey, maybe depart later from home or break your journey en-route so you don't have to hang around waiting when you arrive in the village. The cleaning teams have a huge task to work through the cleaning protocols and checklists and we really do need the extra time, so please ensure you respect the new arrival and departure times.

5) Stay safe. Please bring your own hand-sanitiser for use when you are out and about and cannot easily access hand-washing facilities.